Ubq Outreach offers solution for optimizing EV Business

An effective dealer management system plays a pivotal role in management of sales, purchasing, inventory management and financial accounting. Ubq has aced every time in addressing all the above mentioned diverse requirements of sellers as well as retailers. Recently, the burning price temperature in fuel market has encouraged Ubq to come forward with some brilliant ideas to energize the channel of sales and distribution in the new growing sector that is Electrical Vehicles (EV).

Before I explain how Ubq is giving solution to all sales and retail problems let us understand how serious the problem is: Coal, gas or oil, any material burned to produce heat or power is called fuel. But have you ever thought that how this fuel ignites heat of power. Yes it does. Today our lives indirectly or directly are dependent on these sources for near to every key requirement. Right from an underprivileged category to middle class men to high profiles’ fuel plays a vital role in their daily necessity. Let us see a chart below what sectors get affected if fuel prices increase:-

So, this is just a short detail through diagram that how inflated value of fuel effects basics of regular life. This picture also explains what makes Fuel so important heating factor at the time of Budget or at the time of elections.

Rise in population, rise in needs. The modern society pulls every individual towards a better luxury need. People no more want to remain to the theory of just roti, kapda and makaan rather they want even better of everything. Now competition of needs not only makes customer get attracted to more pocket friendly schemes but also to gender style statement and age friendly choices. With increase in breadth of population the roads are getting narrow. At one time when cars used to be the key family luxury, today people are getting wiser to invest in something that is more budget friendly, time saving and eco friendly.

This regular war of inflated prices and customer’s urge to gain something better at reasonable rate gave birth to a new world of transport that is EV (Electrical Vehicles). With striking fuel prices, Electrical Vehicles (EV) are becoming the popular choice among the people for local transport and logistics. Reduction in carbon foot print and environmental friendly deliveries are the other reasons EV vehicles are becoming popular for both personal and commercial purpose.

The EV market which was previously valued at USD 171 in 2020 is expected to reach USD 725 by 2026. Although the sudden surge of infection has barred economy gravely yet sellers, retailers and dealers are leaving no stone unturned to gain back same position in the market.

Looking at the potential of the segment, we at Ubq decided to develop a solution that caters to this segment. We have developed this solution keeping in mind the standard business process followed by electrical vehicle manufacturers. EV sellers require a robust DMS (Dealer Management System) that not only helps them manage sales and distribution, but also assists them in optimizing workflows and putting all resources to proper utilization.

Ubq solution comes with strong domain expertise and helps in:

  1. Focusing on profitable growth – Provides you all possible details about business e.g. revenue leakage, areas of opportunity etc.
  2. Stream line your business – automate task, track KPI and monitoring from single interface
  3. Deliver better customer experience – accelerate sales process, avoid bottlenecks and easy management

Some of the key benefits-

For OEM:

  • Lead management
  • Vehicle stock ordering from distributor
  • Parts ordering from distributor
  • Parts e-catalogue
  • Warranty claims
  • Free service claims
  • Inventory management
  • Claims and settlements
  • Complaint management

For Distributors:

  • Presales
  • Vehicle Sales Management
  • Vehicle Service Management
  • Spare Part Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Automotive CRM System
  • Workshop Management System
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

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