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The best Sales Force Automation App – Outreach Mobile SFA

The best Sales Force Automation App – Outreach Mobile SFA

Outreach Mobile SFA is among the best sales force automation software in the market today. It allows you to sell more in less time and automate your sales processes. Outreach Mobile SFA is quite flexible and can integrate with existing inventory management solution. The centralized dashboard critical metrics that tell you about customer behavior and acts as a great inbound marketing tool.

Organize and oversee your sales force activities

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Streamline your sales operations and turnaround times

Streamline your sales operations and turnaround times

Perform market surveys and gather competitor information

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Keep track of merchandizing activities

Benefits offered by Outreach Mobile SFA

Eliminate hours of training and help your salesforce their productive best with Outreach Mobile SFA. Our focus, while creating Outreach Mobile SFA app, was on making it intuitive and easy-to-use. Moreover, all your sales data is maintained on encrypted cloud storage and backed up regularly to ensure maximum data security and integrity.

Outreach Mobile SFA helps your field agents with data about sales and customer behavior, allowing them to speed up operations and reduce delivery turnaround time. Moreover, the system is connected with Outreach Retail Connect App, providing real-time data for stock requirements in particular beats and retailers.

Keep pursuing prospects with Outreach’s advanced progression tracking system. Our sales force automation software also helps managers and beat planners to keep track of every prospect and pitch in place. Once the data is entered into the system, it generates automated notifications for follow-ups and asks field teams for reports. Sales heads can oversee the entire field activity with features like live location tracking of field teams.

Eliminates manual errors for a leaner and fitter supply chain. Outreach Mobile SFA ensures that your distribution management is digitized to the extent that manual entry errors become a thing of the past. Our Outreach Mobile SFA app raises red flags upon wrong data inputs, prompting the user to make amends on-the-spot. Additionally, field staff and retailers (through Outreach Retail Connect App) get instant access to new and running schemes in their locations, allowing them to close deals without delays that mar old-school paper marketing.

Gauge the performance of your business and staff with big data. Complete market surveys, record feedbacks vis comments and ratings, and capture information on competing products (stock, price, schemes, etc.) to better your business performance with Outreach Mobile SFA.

Outreach Mobile SFA is a tool that helps to increase the productivity and performance of your sales force. With comprehensive market information and data analytics, you can identify the product/services that sell and the demographics where they will sell. In turn, it empowers your field sales and ensures that a prospective buyer never slides through the cracks.

The Outreach DMS and sales force automation software is a time-tested ecosystem for downstream supply chain management. We have a reliable team of professionals who offer backend support to keep the system robust and performing. You can always trust us to provide guides, training materials, and ready support in the rare instance that you or your team faces a problem.