Selecting the Right DMS (Distribution Management Solution)

Distribution management software

Distribution management software (DMS) are software applications that manages the core business activities from sales order processing, purchase, inventory management, invoicing, claims and scheme management. Unlike ERP, DMS software application has long-standing root in distribution and therefore provides a much higher degree of functionality specific to the need of distribution companies. The business requirements of […]

Distribution Management System: What is it and Why is it important?

Distribution Management System

Today, developing markets are large and complex with thousands of distributors, millions of outlets, and billions of potential transactions. Manufacturers have to manage this vast network of big, medium and small distributors while also juggling the conflicting needs of different channel partners. But, the question is how can manufacturers manage all of this with limited […]

Guide to establish a successful distribution management system in FMCG industry.

Distribution Management System

The global FMCG market has a direct and significant impact on the economic structure of any country. With diversity and geographic boundaries (defined/undefined), the distribution networks form a complex structure, and it gets difficult for most of us to understand its hierarchy. In countries, like India, China, America, and likewise where the majority people who […]

Distribution Management Solution: A must-have to run a growing business

Distribution Management System

Efficiency of Your distribution network can make or break your business. On one hand, an outdated technique to manage your network of distributors can slow you down and lead to unnecessary losses. On the other hand, a robust Distribution Management System (DMS) can give you a technological edge and put you miles ahead of your […]

Boost your Supply Chain Network with Mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA)

Mobile Sales Force Automation software

Behind every growing business, there’s a streamlined Supply Chain Network. A robust Supply Chain Network boosts your base sales level and empowers you to meet the ever-growing demand of your clients. Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software lets you be on top of your Supply Chain Network and keeps you and your sales force updated in […]

5 reasons why Mobile Sales Force Automation is the key to your business’s success

Mobile Sales Force Automation

A business is as strong as its sales force. When you empower your sales manager and the mobile sales team, you meet your business goals faster. With Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software and CRM automation, you put the right tools in the hands of your sales force. This fosters their field efficiency and improves their […]

Key mistakes to avoid during salesforce automation solution for your FMCG brand

Sales Force Automation Solutions

Over the years, Sales Force Automation (SFA) has emerged as a powerful tool to track and optimize the efficiency of the fleet on street and help the Brand in driving and achieving the sales targets. Tasks like order capturing, order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, etc. that are onerous and extensive, but imperative […]

How can you effectively reduce stock outs across distribution channels?

supply chain management

Overview In today’s consumer centric world and ever dynamic demand-supply metrics, physical distribution and availability of product at point of sales is the most tricky aspect of the of the supply chain management process. A very crucial aspect of the whole supply chain process is the management of market logistics. It helps in controlling the […]