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Outreach DMS - A Comprehensive Distribution Management System for B2B Businesses

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A Comprehensive Distribution / Distributor Management System

Outreach Distribution / Distributor Management System includes comprehensive software features for downstream supply chain management. The suite allows small, medium and large enterprises to manage multiple-location sales and distribution networks. With the tightly integrated presence of Outreach DMS, you can take control of your primary and secondary sales and make informed decisions on-the-go with complete visibility of sales and stock data.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Outreach Distribution / Distributor Management Software System uplifts your operational efficiency with sector/industry specific features, such as,

Instant Alerts & Notification

The downstream supply chain management system provides a comprehensive oversight over your field sales and distribution network through SMS notifications. It keeps you updated with alerts for,

Operational Report Dashboard

With Outreach Distribution / Distributor Management Software, you can get operational reports directly on your phone and laptop, accessible anytime, anywhere. It allows you to,

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Improved Service Levels

The Outreach supply chain management solution also ensures that your business fulfils orders more accurately and punctually. It allows you to,

Empowered Field Sales Teams​

Downstream supply chain management depends a lot on sales reps and Outreach DMS helps in boosting their productivity manifold. The system helps in empowering your field sales teams by enabling,

Developed specifically for FMCG, CPG and Telecom industries, Outreach DMS is a downstream supply chain management solution that offers centralized pricing and stock taking, tax management, area specific schemes and offer activation and field sales management. 

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Why Outreach® DMS System?

There are three main reasons why businesses need to shore up resources for downstream supply chain management,

By optimizing supply chain and its connected operations, businesses can save 10 to 30% depending on scale/complexity of the operations and baseline migration model. For optimizing downstream supply chain, your solution needs to be consumer centric, to help address the concerns and needs of respective stakeholders. For more information, connect with us.

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