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Outreach Field Sales Management Software

Track Stock and Sales of Distributors​

For Creating an Organized & Simplified Field Sales Workflow

Outreach Field Sales Management Software

Keeping track of day-to-day field sales is a huge challenge, needing careful planning and organization of multiple prospects. Outreach Field Sales Management Software is a distinct tool for optimizing your field activities with accurate insights. Now, your field staff can stay focused on actual selling. Our mobile sales solution is powered by innovative, responsive technology that can be configured for business and operational needs of CPG, FMCG and Telecom industries.

Key Features of Outreach Field Sales Management Software

The digital prowess of Outreach Field Sales Management Software allows businesses to meet the arduous requirements of modern-day sales and distribution networks. Key features include,

Cost Effective and Simple to Implement​

How it works?

Outreach Field Sales Management Software helps in converting your on-field sales meetings into paying customers by,

Ensure that all customer interactions and field sales data are accessible anytime, anywhere. Helping in,

  • Assigning daily targets (visits, meetings etc.)
  • Remote planning of beats and routes
  • Collating and sharing customer data across teams
  • Enabling predictive analytics
  • Monitoring real-time sales data
  • Approving attendance of field staff

Achieve invoice generation targets by allowing teams to accept/reject orders on-the-go and automate the delivery process through a unified dashboard. Helping in,

  • Increasing the delivery efficiency
  • Quickening invoice generation and cash receipts
  • Enabling sales demand forecasting
  • Optimizing vehicle route planning
  • Generating tangible market insights
  • Timely replenishment of stock
  • Simplifying order management & status tracking

Make it easier for customers to place orders and pay using a secure banking gateway. Helping in,

  • Limiting inventory holding costs
  • Instantaneous payments
  • Round the clock sales without needing physical presence
  • Lowering overhead costs
  • Deriving other benefits of Outreach DMS

Enable greater transparency in the supply chain and empower users to receive updated stock positions through mobile app. Helping in,

  • Reducing paperwork for data storage
  • Online access to all transaction history
  • Digitization of inventory checks (bar code, QR code etc.)