Distribution Management Solution: A must-have to run a growing business

Efficiency of Your distribution network can make or break your business. On one hand, an outdated technique to manage your network of distributors can slow you down and lead to unnecessary losses. On the other hand, a robust Distribution Management System (DMS) can give you a technological edge and put you miles ahead of your competition.

With the right Distribution Management Software, you can streamline all your distribution workflows across various locations, boost the efficiency of your supply chain, solve the problem of overstocking or stock shortage, and get access to data from your network of distributors in real time. These significant benefits can help your business reach its true potential. So, if you are a small, medium, or large enterprise and you manage multiple-location sales and distribution networks, then Distribution Management System has the power to disrupt your business positively.

Here’s what makes Distribution Management System a game-changer for your business:

Unlock the power of data

Distribution Management System gives you unrestricted access to crucial data in real time. It allows you to keep track of orders and invoices and gives you essential information related to stocks. It tells you which products are selling, and which are not, the software can also help you identify your top customers, distributors, and salesmen. With Outreach DMS, you can get operational reports right on your phone and laptop, and access this authentic, error-free data anytime, and from anywhere. The data provided by the Distribution Management Software helps you plan and strategize better. The Operational Report Dashboard with in-built data analytics, provides you with details such as demand/supply analysis, in-stock statements and helps you with quick decision-making. This way, you can accelerate business success and draw better forecasts for business expansion.

Unleash excellent operational efficiency!

Distribution Management System takes your operational efficiency to the next level with tailor-made, industry-specific solutions. The software can be configured specifically for FMCG, CPG and Telecom industries. No matter which industry you operate in, Distribution Management System can manage purchase orders and purchase returns, streamline order processing and invoicing, enable hassle-free management of sales returns and damage claims, and finally, digitize collections and claim settlements. All these benefits can take your efficiency to whole new level and boost your productivity. That’s not all, it empowers your distributors to manage their inventory like a pro by providing them with information such as batch details and stock levels at different warehouses. This puts control in the hands of the distributors and helps them make informed decisions regarding the stocks.

Unfold the next level of productivity

Distribution Management System boosts the productivity of your sales representatives, thereby strengthening your supply chain. The system empowers your field sales team by ensuring improved engagement with customers, quicker access to current stock data, shorter order-to-delivery time, and faster collections through real-time tracking of outstanding balance. The perks of Distribution Management System don’t end there. Outreach DMS offers centralized pricing, tax management, area specific schemes and offer activation, and field sales management, enabling you to reach the peak of your productivity. Outreach DMS gives you total control of your supply chain by providing you with a comprehensive oversight over your field sales and distribution network through SMS notifications. It puts all the important information at your fingertips. From purchase orders to low or no stock situations to unauthorised access to status reports, stay updated with all that matters through instant alerts and notifications.

With Outreach distribution and supply chain management solution, you can understand and serve customers better. It ensures that you process your orders accurately and timely and gives you access to sales channel inventory basis demography and product skus. Now you can also generate online sales orders 24×7 through sales representatives, retailers and distributors and deliver top-notch service to your customers. What’s more, you can monitor order and delivery status and take corrective action in case of delays. All this helps you maintain strong customer relationships. A Distribution Management System is all you need to get complete visibility of your sales and stock data and make informed business decisions on the go. So, whether you want to empower your field force with mobile Sales Force Automation solutions or take control of your distribution network, Outreach delivers you a one-stop solution for all your business needs.