Boost your Supply Chain Network with Mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA)

Behind every growing business, there’s a streamlined Supply Chain Network. A robust Supply Chain Network boosts your base sales level and empowers you to meet the ever-growing demand of your clients. Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software lets you be on top of your Supply Chain Network and keeps you and your sales force updated in real time.

With Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software, you can provide dedicated support to your mobile sales team and sales managers while ensuring that all the elements of your Supply Chain Network work together like a well-oiled machinery.

A real-time link to the Supply Chain Network

Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software connects your sales force directly to your Supply Chain Network. It ensures that critical data such as schedule of field agents, inventory statistics, competition analysis, etc. gets updated in real time.

This advantage ensures that the field teams no longer need to wait for sales reports, and they can access critical data with just a click. How does it work? Once a team member enters data into mobile devices, the data gets backed up and is made available to the entire organisation.

With Sales Force Automation, all the elements of the supply chain interact with each other which fosters collaboration between all the teams and boosts productivity. The cherry on the cake is that it can be integrated with existing systems and your sales force can master the downstream supply chain management features in no time.

Logistics management gets easier than ever.

Managing logistics is an important part of Supply Chain Management. It involves planning and controlling the flow of goods and services as per the demands of the market. Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software automatically keeps a track of the demand and supply and ensures continuity in supplies.

With the Sales Force Automation software on board Outbound logistics is streamlined in such a way that optimum inventory is available in the market at key distribution & point of sales and products never go out of stock.  This not only prevents opportunity loss but also facilitates excellent customer experience and brand value which otherwise is a great worry if products frequently get out of stock.

Your Supply Chain Network at your fingertips

Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software automates workflows, so you don’t have to manually enter data. Now you can stay updated in real time and run a robust Supply Chain Network. With a robust distribution management automation integrated with Sales Force Automation, you can plan better and maximise margins. This is the best way to streamline even future productions based on demand pipeline to save any loss from over production.

When you empower your team with sales force tracking software, you ensure proper planning and thorough execution. This increases collaboration between teams at different levels and enables them to take decisions faster, thereby enhancing productivity.

Mobile-based Sales Force Automation software is a one-stop solution that can take your Supply Chain Network to a whole new level. From flawless inventory management to effective route planning to quick and easy data management, it automates the field activities and delivers a hassle-free experience for your business.

It’s time to usher in a new era of automation and reach your true potential with just a simple step. Our proven expertise and intelligent Mobile-based Sales Force Automation solutions are designed to empower your sales force and improve your profit margins. Outreach mSFA by Ubq seamlessly puts the field agents, sales managers and customers in perfect sync with each other and provides end-to-end solutions that help the field force plan and execute better. By automating your field activities, you can build a Supply Chain Network that works for you and get actionable solutions for your business with real-time insights.