Outreach is a premier Distribution Management System that ensures last-mile-delivery of your products and services. Outreach collates secondary sales data across your distributors network to give a consolidated view at the enterprise level. It’s the next step in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR).

Streamline your sales and distribution across channels with integrated primary and secondary sales dashboard. Get actionable data for accurate demand and sales forecasting. Execute promotional strategies on the go for your distributors, retailers and customers. All with Outreach.

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What outreach offers for your brand?

  • A comprehensive online distributor management system for.
  • Inventory management
  • Order booking
  • Billing and collections
  • Running trade schemes
  • Real-time, high-quality analytics for
  • Product movement to retail outlets
  • Order booking Informed decision making
  • Developing time & cost-effective strategies
  • Increased execution efficiency with
  • Trackable performance data
  • Checks on operational leakages
  • Rule based scheme activations
  • Sales force monitoring, including
  • Regular field activities
  • Verifying presence on the ground
  • Capturing customer interactions
  • Streamlined sales processes for
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Outstanding payment collection
  • Market/competitor feedback
  • Merchandizing activities

Outreach is Optimized for

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  • FMCG
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  • Telecom
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  • CPG

Why should you choose Outreach?

Become Visible to Your Customers

Track the movement of your products and services accurately to ensure they are reaching retail buyers


Continuous Inventory Replenishment

Outreach keeps you in- stock by optimizing inventory distribution in target markets. Ship only the right amount of stock to the right distributors


Effortless Scheme Activation

Rollout your schemes without worrying about bottlenecks in the distribution network, because there are none with our rule-based scheme activation.


Know What’s Selling

Outreach allows you to keep track of sales trends across regions and markets, helping you optimize targets and achieve them in time


Faster Claims & Settlements

Handle claims based on merit and stop leakages at source, keep your distributors happy with faster settlement of eligible claims


Comprehensive User Management

Stay in command with online role mapping for all users in your supply network, define targets and functions remotely

Case Studies

With Outreach, a distributor can create fresh orders or copy old orders for re-supply. Outreach can automatically check the credit limit and outstanding balance available to the distributor before allowing order placements. Moreover, over supply is kept in check by auto filling the quantity against each SKU basis the Stock Norm and Monthly Target for that region or market.

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